Love Me When I'm Gone - Part 2!

I got a friend of mine to re-beta it again, since it's been sitting on my computer for over a month and I did some tweaks to it yesterday. :D Amnesia!Holmes is going to turn into my "Project to work on when I'm sick" I think, since that's the only time I get to work on it.

Maybe I've fallen ill from the realization that there will be no more DWIM on sundays. It was like church for me, I swear! elina_kivimaki, you and your sister need to make a book out of these, I would treat it like the bible.

....anyway, here is the fic! Now I'm going fishing.

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#26 - Tears

Title : Tears
Rating : G
Word Count : 693 (simple little drabble!)
Summary : Crying!Holmes and Silly!Fic

I've had this one finished for a while now, and finally decided to fix it up a bit and post it. Enjoy!

This is #26 of the 100 Challenge I'm still working away at.

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"I tried to give you up, but I'm addicted..."

Even though I promised myself that I would at least wait, I've started another Holmes fanmix. Only this time Watson doesn't play as big of a role in it as before. This one will be purely Holmes/Cocaine.

My own personal beliefs with Holmes and his Cocaine is that he wasn't truly dependent on it, or addicted (which is probably why I had such trouble getting into The Seven Percent Solution.) But this fanmix will deal with that side of the relationship as well.

Anyway, today I made the reservations at the Japanese restaurant for my birthday. Good lord, I can't wait for that tempura udon. Good stuff. People are also asking what sort of cake I want, but ever since lent ended for me, I've felt no need to start eating sweets again (except the sugar in my tea, I almost died without that). I'd really just like an apple pie, or a pumpkin pie instead of cake. Something half-ways healthy, at least.

sherlock2040, I started doodling gerbil!Holmes in a teacup. I had to stop halfway through and laugh -really- hard because the whole idea was just too hilarious still. I'm tempted to draw Basil in there somewhere and maybe with a "Dr. Mouse".

I think I screwed up a hip today playing Dance Dance Revolution. I'm up to the "Heavy" mode and I felt a hip crack when I was playing "Cartoon Heroes", now I can easily make my left hip crack when I move my leg a certain way. Ah well, advil cures everything. :D


Has anyone read this book by Garth Nix? Sabriel? It's the first in a trilogy. I've been told it's a really good book by at least four people I know, and I had a friend lend it to me (forcefully) earlier today. I started reading it, but I really can't get into it. Is there something wrong with me? D:

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Busy as a Bee

I was stung today sitting outside on the back step doing a few Sudoku puzzles. It's summer warm outside, and it's Canada! Like I wasn't going to take advantage of the beautiful weather. The bee must have been pissed off that I was in it's territory or something.

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Memory Exercises

This memory book is amazing. The tips it has have really started helping me out, I've noticed. Especially with phone numbers. I use to rely on my cellphone for numbers, and be totally screwed if I left home without my phone, but lately since I've been implying the techniques from the book, I'm able to easily remember all these numbers, as well as the area codes that go with them!

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Lately I've been checking the "Starchoice.ca" website (which is the satellite provider I have here) to see if any Sherlock Holmes shows or movies are coming on the tele anytime soon. The last movie I watched was the "Seven Percent Solution", and I thought that today I'd search to see if any other movies would be coming on.

This Wednesday  there'll be two shows on, though I think the one I've seen already.

"Sherlock Holmes : The True Story"
In 1886, Arthur Conan Doyle borrows the character, physical qualities and diagnostic genius  of Dr. Joseph Bell to create the famous detective.

"Murder Rooms : The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes"
Ancient Egyptian Mummy uncovers a recently murdered Englishman.

Now, I think I've seen "The True Story" a while back, but it's the one about the Ancient Egyptian Mummy that intrigues me.  Anyone know about that one?