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Of Nightmares

Had nightmares last night. (It's official, this is my dreams/Holmes/stupidity journal.)

I place blame (or maybe thanks?) for the nightmare on liederlady221b's wonderful piece of fiction called "Harry" since I reread it at about 4am. I've been sick for well over a week and drugged out of my mind with all sorts of medicines, I thought it would help me get to sleep to read some wonderful Holmes/Watson fluffiness.

When I did finally fall asleep around 6am, I had nothing but nightmares of my eyes swelling over, being attacked by unknown assailants, and being poked at by doctors, and I'm sure now everyone just realizes how much I'm terrified of doctors, even if they have that wonderful, trusting 'tach.

But, some good came of this, I doodled a little drawing of Holmes and Watson walking around the Hospital area outside just before their approached by Edwards, later this afternoon. That scene totally got to me. :D I'm also plotting on drawing a picture of Holmes admiring the jellyfish, and possibly trying to poke at it with a stick. I've always wanted to draw to draw a jellyfish, and now I have a reason to. :D

So liederlady221b, thanks for writing this wonderful fic, and I can't wait for the next upcoming parts. :D I'll have you know it's helping in my own recovering a great deal.
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