Indigo is wordfiltered to Crap.

So the postponed Birthday trip for my sister was put off until tonight. Friday night. Friday the 13th. Really, nothing bad even happened. There's too much hype on these Friday the 13ths going around.

Anyway, I hadn't been to Kingston in a few months, so it was nice going back today and seeing what had changed. It's a really nice city. :D Once we were out on the main street, we walked down past a theatre where I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw what was coming to the theatre in a month.

Urinetown, the Musical.

I think I scared my sister half to death when I started gushing out about how I knew all about the musical and that we would have to come back and see it. The only reason why I even know of it is because of Sherlock2040 who was kind enough to share clips of it with me. It's a brilliant musical and I do hope I get to watch it. :D I'm just slightly freaked out since this is one of the many times in my life where something is mentioned to me, and then later on it fully becomes part of my life, it's odder than anything but it happens a lot to me and my sister.

After my freakout on the main street, we made a move to a local movie store where I managed to find "The Great Mouse Detective" for $5 in the discount bin. Why it was in the bin, I'll never know! I've looked all over for it and was told it was rare! Lucky me, I suppose. :D

I bought my sister a few video games she'd been wanting and then we left that store and went to the "Indigo" book store across the road. Indigo is pretty much a brand of another bookstore in Canada called "Chapters", it's probably the most well known bookstore that Canada has. When we were there, I was asked for assistance and so I went ahead and asked the woman for "Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula".

I almost died when some guy behind the counter grinned and was like "Hey, that sounds familiar.... ". Sadly enough, the book wasn't there, and wasn't even available to order into the store. D: Seriously, if I can't get it there, then there's no bookstore in Canada I can order it to unless they don't have it already. I suppose I'll have to search lesser known bookstores instead.

I did get two "Self help" books that I've had my eye on for a while though. "Memory Power" by Scott Hagwood and "The Power of your Subconscious Mind" by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Flipping through this book I saw a passage on "How to use your subconscious mind to summon blisters." ...so that might be a chapter that I skip.

Now, I'm dreadfully tired and I think I will go off to watch the GMD before I turn in for the night.


Ill again! A cold! I thought for sure it was those lilies down in the kitchen (since I have an allergy to flowers with a crap-load of pollen) but even when I took it out of the house and into the cold outside, I was still sneezing. It's the afternoon now, and I have body aches and a headache. Oh, yes, most likely a cold.

I've started playing a bit of Sims 2 - University, but it's a lot more complicated and more detailed than the PS2 version. Anyone have any tips for a newb like myself? :D

Also, I have a blister on my left index finger now. Hurts TERRIBLY. Tips to solve this as well? :D Oh, if only online doctors existed, I could get medical advice without having to go and actually see the doctor.

Simplistic Holmes Icons

Icons from my Fanmix art.

I originally was going to make these for myself to use, but since people said they loved the case art a lot, I decided I'd put all the icons here and let you take them if you want them. :D I suppose you could credit me, but it's not necessary. These are just fun little icons, no real brain damage was put into making them.

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April 10th

So today is my sister's birthday. :D She turned seventeen today, what a good age that was! We're all going to Kingston later this evening, one of our stops is a bookstore. Any good Holmes-ish books I should be on the look out for?

Also, today has another meaning as well. A year ago today a good friendship of mine began it's deterioration, which had left me in a wreck for a good month and nearly cost me my grades. (Not to say my birthday last year was spent curled up in a blanket at the end of my bed, nursing the wounds that the person had inflicted on me). As I told myself a year ago, "Things will look up in a year", and indeed they are. My career is more or less on track, I am a happy person, and I have found the love that this person was unable to comprehend with their insignificant, one tracked mind.

I always love taking a step back and comparing my life at the moment to that of a year ago. It shows me that I am alive and always changing.

Though, if I knew what I knew now about this person, I wouldn't have held back from beating the moron within an inch of her life. Criminal record be damned, it would have been worth it.

Anyway! News : Younger!Brett fills my dreams, and I couldn't be happier. :D
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Yep. I'm switching to Fido.

To those of you outside of Canada, Fido is a cellular phone company.

Anyway, lately they've launched a series of commercials depicting a person along side a dog that looks a lot like them. (Eg, a woman with long blond hair beside a Golden Retriever. This commercial signified free calls from 8pm-8am or something). These commercials are mostly to show that no matter what type of person you are, Fido has a "Dog" or cellular package for you.

One of their latest commercials has totally won me over. As hard as I looked for it, I wasn't able to find the commercial anywhere on the internet to show you, but I think I can sum it up for you.

1. Man makes out with a blond woman on his couch, image goes through a "Fast Forward" stage, signifying that some time has gone by.
2. Man snuggles on same couch with a dark haired woman and a baby. Another "Fast Forward" stage.
3. Man snuggles with his boyfriend on the same couch. All under the watchful eye of his dog, that hasn't moved an inch from behind the couch while the whole commercial was going on.
4. Commercial statement is that the company will stay true and change along with your needs.

I can't help but try to think up some story for this man. Obviously he was happy with women, but perhaps met someone who changed his idea? And what was that dog's name? It looked damn cute.

*sigh* Commercials like this only exist in Canada.

Fic : Love Me When I'm Gone

Title : Love Me When I'm Gone
Rating : PG
Words : 3641
Summary : Slightly AU. Set near the end of EMPT, after Holmes and Watson jump the Colonel and attempt to detain him. Holmes suffers a blow to the back of the head which rids him of his memory. In the confusion, Colonel Sebastian Moran escapes Holmes and the police and is ready to plan another attempt on Holmes' life.

Disclaimer : Thanks a million to spikejem  for beta-ing this. Her input was more than vital in getting this fic ship-shape! Also, this is more or less the "introduction" chapter, where it only serves to lay down the foundation of Holmes' problem and leave the door open for the rest of the adventure. This fic was also inspired by Three Doors Down's song "Love Me When I'm Gone".

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SotC, GH II and W<3K

CHRIST. Has anyone played Shadow of the Colossus before? I'm getting my ass handed to me by the last boss. I can't get across his HANDS.

I'm happy to say at least that I've gotten to the end boss without ONCE looking at a walk through. Everyone else I know who plays video games has beaten the game, but that was with cheats and a walk through, and I am more or less confident in my abilities to work out the weakness of each of the colossi. (Though I did have quite a time with that snake colossi, drive the damn horse, AND turn around and fucking shoot an arrow straight into the bugger's eye? That was just a lucky guess on my part.) I did spend a good five hours just sitting there watching the snake beat the hell out of my horse though. That was fun.

But yes, if you know? Give me a damn hint. I'm wanting a hint, nothing more.I know you have to move across the hands, but where is the bastard's hand fur? I swear he shaved his hands before fighting with me. He's smarter than he looks. (Also, is he wearing a skirt made out of rocks? That's what it looked like from far away.)

God though, the bloom effect in this game is seriously destroying my eyes. Maybe I'll just quit this and play We Love Katamari for a while. But then again, I might end up with dreams like this:

Like I need more nightmares.

I did accomplish something more in the realm of video games at least. I'm up to Expert in Guitar Hero II, and I have an inflamed wrist to prove it.
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Short Dream

Just woke up ten minutes ago. I dreamed that my dad phoned me up and told me that Christmas was postponed until next Spring, and that for actual Christmas day, we were going to repair the kitchen floor tiles for Mom.

Then I proceeded to yell at him and then he laughed and told me he was kidding. Sadly, this is all too much like my dad's way of joking. Cruel, cruel jokes.

I wouldn't be so ticked off if it wasn't that one of his best jokes were played on me in my dream, and that he will never know of it.

I also remember watching an old black and white Holmes movie, it looked like one of Rathbone's, but it was Brett playing Holmes. It's just that Rathbone/Brett part of my mind, I guess.

...I should stop eating cold pizza before I go to bed.


It is snowing again. Just after I finished raking the yard, pulling up weeds, and clearing my garden in hopes to planting seeds early this year. How wonderful.

Now, purpose of this journal. Has anyone done papercraft before? :D Not origami, but cutting paper out, folding it in such a way and gluing the pieces together with the end result being something like this?

Papercraft is epic. I've found a few sets of patterns and will most likely try it out this weekend. I've heard it's a calming hobby when you're not tearing your hair out after losing a piece of the pattern.