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Has anyone ever participated in Lent before? (Lent being the forty days (actually more than forty days since the Catholic Church doesn't count Sundays) before Easter when one gives up something they love.) Usually I never participated, our family is indeed Catholic, but not completely strict about it. (Eg, I haven't been to a church for mass in seven years). Anyway, this year I decided to give it a try once again and gave up all things sweet and tasty.

Yep, for the past...39 days I haven't touched a single piece of cake, cookie, candy bar, or even had sugar in my tea.(this was the most difficult part, I love sugar in tea!). And now, just after my late night bath I weighed myself to find that I have lost fourteen pounds since I started this. Fourteen!

My weight is an odd thing all on it's own. I lose a pound, and gain it all over again in what seems to be mere hours, but this current drop in weight is astounding even for me. I wondered why my pants were so damn loose all of a sudden, and now the large shirt I ordered from a shop online will probably be more baggy than I like my shirts. I'm not even an overweight individual like some people I could mention (*cough*MYCROFT*cough*), and I do, or did, like my weight right where it was. ...Maybe I should stop playing Dance Dance Revolution for a while.

Oh well.... Such hardships are to be endured during this time of Lent. Or at least that's what I'm told. :D

Now! On to the fun stuff.

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