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Lately I've been checking the "Starchoice.ca" website (which is the satellite provider I have here) to see if any Sherlock Holmes shows or movies are coming on the tele anytime soon. The last movie I watched was the "Seven Percent Solution", and I thought that today I'd search to see if any other movies would be coming on.

This Wednesday  there'll be two shows on, though I think the one I've seen already.

"Sherlock Holmes : The True Story"
In 1886, Arthur Conan Doyle borrows the character, physical qualities and diagnostic genius  of Dr. Joseph Bell to create the famous detective.

"Murder Rooms : The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes"
Ancient Egyptian Mummy uncovers a recently murdered Englishman.

Now, I think I've seen "The True Story" a while back, but it's the one about the Ancient Egyptian Mummy that intrigues me.  Anyone know about that one?